Venturers and Rovers have been training hard getting ready to start the 2014-15 Scout Archery Program. Thursday dates are set and Wednesday date information will be coming very soon. Registering is easy. Just click on the Booking Form link below, fill out all the information and we will contact you confirming your date request. If you are interested in assisting with the program please contact


Scouting in the London Area is fortunate enough to own a complete set of archery equipment. Every group is encouraged to take advanatage of this by bringing their youth in for a night of fun at Spencer Lodge. Your instructor,  can help any section (Beavers through Venturers) learn how to properly shoot a bow & arrow, and refine their aim.

These sessions are only $3.00 per person ($25 minimum) and the cost goes towards helping maintain the archery equipment. If you are interested in bringing your group out to try Scout Archery, fill out the form below. We will get in touch with you shortly thereafter to confirm your booking. Scroll down past the bookings form to read about what to expect on your first session.

*Bookings for Archery are only available on Wednesday OR Thursday nights.

Click Here for Booking Form

What To Expect


The Beaver Colony from the 37th London volunteered in the spring to try archery as an activity. From talking with the leaders, parents and youth it is reasonable to say everyone had a safe and happy time. The Beavers will be using small fiberglass bows, wooden arrows and our largest targets. The distance to the target is also closer than other sections. The ratio for Beaver Archery is One Adult to One Beaver. This is a good way to get parents to come out to a meeting and also if you book on a Thursday night, the Scout Shop is open until 8 o’clock. An instructional video will be shown tot he adults while the youth will be given a demonstration on use and safety.


If the success at Cuboree is an indication of Cubs wanting to do Archery, then it will be a busy year. The Cubs will be using our medium size fiberglass bows (20lbs. draw as well as seom of the smaller bows 10lbs.), wooden arrows, and our medium size targets. The Cubs and Leaders will watch part one of the Instructional Video before we begin. The ratio for Cubs will be One Adult to Three Cubs.

Scouts, Venturers & Rovers

Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers will be using a Genesis compound bow, Jazz Aluminum arrows, and our smallest targets. The compound bows have a draw limit of 20lbs, but stores and releases an arrow as if it as a 35lb bow. The aluminum jazz arrows are a smaller diameter than the wooden arrows and fly a little faster. The youth will watch a 15 minute video before taking up the bow to shoot. In the event that your group saw the video last year, you will still be required to watch it in case you have some new members, and also to refresh what you should be doing.

  • The Trillium Foundation has given the money to buy this nice equipment. To keep the Archery programme self-sustaining, we will be charging $3.00 per person to shoot ($25 minimum).
  • Adults willing to shoot will be using adult size equipment.
  • Time slots available are Monday and Thursday nights at Spencer Park. Bookings will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Please book using the form above.
  • If you want to talk about any concerns, feel free to contact
  • Bring some balloons from the dollar store, it is a great confidence builder to hit the balloon. You can get a pack of 25 for a dollar.
  • While any activity can be dangerous, safety is our primary concern. Anybody not obeying the range safety officer by not listening, showing disrespect for the equipment and safety of others, horseplay, shooting the wall “accidentally” will be asked to leave.
  • Please do not bring your own equipment.
  • While this is a scouting event, uniforms are not required. If you wear your uniforms you will be asked to remove your neckers and sash. Beaver and cubs should wear long sleeves as this serves as an armguard. We have armguards available for the younger sections, but experience has shown they can get along without them.
  • Any Cuboree, Camporee or large camp wishing to use the equipment please contact