Area Team

The London Area Team

Need Information Now? Here is the team that works hard to bring London Area the best possible Scouting experience…london

Area Commissioner – Roberta Nielsen

Deputy Area Youth Commissioners – Aaron Buehler, Howard Handrigan, Kristen Fisher, Conor Nicell

Council Relationship Manager – Sarah Ransome

D.A.C. Colony Support – Norm Ouellette

D.A.C. Company/Crew Support – Myles Thomas

D.A.C. Communications – Katherine Krige

D.A.C. Messengers of Peace –

D.A.C. Pack Support  – Doug Henry

D.A.C. Recognition & Awards – Wendy Robak

D.A.C. Scoutrees – vacant

D.A.C. Training & Development – Krista Davidson

D.A.C. Troop Support – William Handler