Fundraising Ideas

In addition to Scout Popcorn, ScoutTrees, and Apple Day, your group can hold their own fundraisers to help enhance your programme, and help alleviate the financial responsibility of parents and youth. We’ve included some ideas for fundraiser events on this page, just read the ideas below.

Before you start organising your event you need to look at the following

  • The Group’s ability to raise money and how much money you need to raise
  • When you plan your event always budget well and ensure your expenditure does not exceed the amount that can be achieved by ticket sales or other income.
  • How much support do you have within your Group e.g. volunteers
  • Do you have any specific skills available within your Group e.g. Accounting, fundraising etc
  • Give yourself and your group lots of time to prepare
  • To make your event successful make sure it is well publicised either by posters, radio or newspaper articles.
  • You will need to carry out a risk assessment.
  • Are there any fundraising events happening at the same time as yours
  • Are there any legal aspects you need to cover.
  • Do you need to take any extra insurance

Always remember to thank everyone involved before, during and after your fundraising event.


Group Barbecue

Why not hold a group barbeque as your next fundraising event? Start by inviting all your parents and family, and then find a spot you can start cooking! A public park, your meeting place, or local department store might be some good locations. Make sure you check with the owner of any stores you set up shop beside to make sure they approve.

Dance Night

Holding a community dance is a great way to run a very successful fundraiser. However, you must be willing to put in the time necessary to organize it properly. One smart idea is to check with your local schools and churches – find out when their dances are being held so you don’t overlap dates with theirs.

Yard Sales

This fundraiser requires a relatively low amount of planning. Establish a place where members of your group can drop off itmes they can donate to the sale. This place could be at a leader’s house, or at your meeting hall. Have a night where you and other leaders sort through what has been collected into different price categories. Ask your youth to come sell all your stuff on the day of the fundraiser. Set up tables in a publically viewable area so as to attract passers-by.