Program Ideas

Program Idea Links

Make sure to check out some of these links. Our site isn’t the only place to get great program ideas for your next event. This links are checked and updated regularly, so be sure to check back often.

Ultimate Camp Resource

The Ultimate Camp Resource is your one-stop-shop for finding activity ideas for your upcoming camp. Skits, Games, Songs, Stories, Staff Resources, etc. Find it all here! Leaders also have the option to submit their own activities for inclusion in the site.


The Outdoor Cook

Great recipes for any camp situation. Check out this website before planning your next camp, and plan some new and exciting meals.


Dutch Oven Recipes

Have you ever tried the fine art of dutch-oven cooking? Check out some of the recipes here if you’re aching for some more delicious treats. Also a fun activity to teach the scouts.


Backpacking Menu Ideas

If you’re heading out on a light-weight adventure, be sure to grab some ideas from this website. You’ll be able to eat well, without the weight.


Love The Outdoors

This website contains some helpful hints that can come in useful while planning your next camp. They’ve got campfire recipes, hiking tips, campsite tips, etc. Check out this page and see if it has anything to offer you.


Campsite 24

This website contains a fun interactive environment for learning about Ontario Parks & Wildlife. Kids can explore the past, a learn more through a game-like interface. While leaders can get essential program material from the ‘Teachers’ section.


NIEHS Kids’ Pages

Fun online, educational games for your kids to take a look at. Might be an interesting link for a visit to the Library or work on the Computer Badge.


Colouring Ideas

This webpage can be particularly useful to a beaver colony. This page contains printable puzzles, games, coloring pages, etc. Browse through this website before planning your next craft.


Pratt’s Educational Resources

Miscelleneous Activity Sheets & Coloring Pages. Disney, Sesame Street, ABC teacher’s, clipart, Winnie the pooh and more